Court Hire: (07) 5534 4188 --- Club Membership: email us at [email protected]

Palm Beach Squash Club membership is only $20.00 annually.


Members receive discounted squash practice times and the ability to join in our squash competitions and programmes held at the club. The club has a social aspect which members can also attend and have refreshments at our Licensed Bar.




How to become a member


1. Submit our membership form here.  CLICK HERE


2. Then make online payment here CLICK HERE

Please make payment manually if payment system is not working.

What nights do we play squash?


There is squash 5 days a week.

Tuesday: 5pm to 8pm - inhouse comp
Wednesday: 6pm to 8pm - Social practice
Thursday: 5pm to 7pm- Club practice
Thursday: 7pm to 11pm - Gold Coast Fixtures
 Saturday: Club Practice - 1pm to 4pm

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Palm Beach Squash Club

Squash Gold Coast - Palm Beach Squash Club

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